Healthfit 100% Organic Decaffeinated & Unroasted Arabica Green Coffee Beans “A” Grade – 200G

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  • Helps in diabetes management: Chlorogenic acid help in boosting your metabolism in turn keeping your blood sugar at optimum levels. By consuming a cup of coffee brewed from green coffee beans, you will observe that there are fewer to no sudden spikes in your blood sugar. This also acts a weight loss mechanism.
  • Control blood pressure: Scientific studies have shown that green coffee reduces from mild to moderate hypertension/blood pressure as observed versus a control group who were given a placebo.
  • Controls food cravings: Apart from shedding weight, Green coffee beans works dually by suppressing appetite and curbs the absorption of sugar and fat into the bloodstream.
  • It also helps to promote your cardiovascular health by reducing homocysteine levels.

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